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FOR SALE — Contact John Bertsch at (330) 877-1804
FOR SALE - Contact John Bertsch at (330) 877-1804
Need '67 parts? I am parting out '67, call me if interested.
Rust free '67 doors for coupe or convertible with all glass, door handles, and regulators @$93/ea.
Dash with clock, good condition @$89. 13,14,15 inch wheels for late Corvairs
Corvair wheels @$1O/ea. Corvair brake drums @$2/ea. Seat extenders powder coated @$41/pair. N.O.S
Four 13" whitewall tires mounted and balanced on late Corvair wheels with less than 500 miles ready to
go,@$189.00. New Tiger Paw 20514" tires still in wrapper @$197. Front and rear seats and panels.
New late brake shoes @$10/per axle. 1963 Ohio license plates in very good condition @$20.
1967 black restored steering wheel with clear coat @$89.00 Early & late front brake cables @$15.00
Salem Oil filters @ 2 for $15 while supplies last. Good early rear bumper.
Veiy nice bumpers for late car (driver quality) @$33.00 Early and late windshields.
AC 44FF spark plugs @$3O/set. AC 46FF spark plugs @$25/set.
Fuel filter stones for inside carburetors @$2/each. NOS wheel bearing for early model @$197.00
'63-'65 & '66-'69 NOS Corvair mirrors still in box includes all mounting hardware @$44.00
Exhaust manifolds with new studs @$63.00/pr Station wagon windshield pick up only.
'60-'64 NOS clutch cable @$23,00, Good used early convertible door sills @$39/pr.
Rebuilt alternators, and starters. Used grill bar, numerous turbos, hubcaps, doors, hoods and sheet metal
Corvair shop manuals (all years)@$6.00/each. Numerous other parts.

FOR SALE — Contact John Downer at (740) 439-1444
F.C. Lower cab corners @$30/ea. F.C. wheels painted @$15/ea. One 1964 FC gas tank @$85.
1964 convertible heater outlets @$40/pr. Four (4) station wagon doors and hatch @$75/each
F.C. windshields @$85/each and car windshields clear @$80/ea. and tinted @$125/each
'60-'64 Monza & 700 engine hatches @$50 - $85. '60-'61 beauty rings NOS $45 - used $20.
EM Hoods,no ‘64's,@$60 — $95. EM air condition system not complete, make offer.
NOS 140HP Ex Tubes @$35.00. Used LM Headlight buckets @$20. LM Hood - HACH $75/each.
F.C. rear exhaust grill excellent condition @$110.00 —'62-'63 turbo outlet pipe NOS-@85
140 race prepared heads with angle exhaust ports & bolt on high rise intake manifolds- Price $350.
Early convertible door glass and vent windows with good chrome ·
$25.00 per side.
1964 rear drums, sand-blasted, turned, balanced and painted -
$45.00/each. Rear axle for 60-64 with completely disassembled
bearings repacked with synthetic grease. Price $115.00 —
Exchange $95.00

Contact Mark Corbin -5474 S.R. 19, Galion, OH 44833 at (419-468-4g42(home) or email to: (I may be able to bring items to a club meet)

NEW:    FC rear handbrake cable, (repop) $39
LM rear handbrake cable, (repop) $47.20
110 head to manifold exhaust gasket $7.50
110 or 140 manifold to pipe exhaust gasket $5.65
Engine top cover gasket $4.05
LM trunk light kit, $69
‘65 Greenbrier front door emblem (repop) $92
LM turnsignal lens to housing gasket, (repop) $1.45
LM 4 door rear R/H armrest, rechromed, w/excellent ash tray $65 (will separate)

USED: (most prices very negotiable)
LM engine lid, 110 or 140 $65
LM 13" wheels $45
LM glovebox surround ‘65 Monza with or without a/c, ‘66-7 w/ac $10
LM auto dash shifter, '65-6 or '67—9, $19
LM RNDL plate for dash shifter $5
LM accelerator boot $1
Fan pulley $8
LM engine lid insulation clip, metal $1
Gas tank locking cap, Corvair and conventional car caps available $3
LM heater resistor $1
LM engine compartment wiring kit, salvaged $10
LM coupe rear ashtray assembly, $4
LM 4 door "B" pillar cover, E><CELLENT condition, L/H black, left or right saddle $35
'67 dash pad, black, PERFECT condition, $20
'65-6 coat hook, $1
'67 Monza 4 door front seat, gold $10
'67 Monza 4 door rear seat set, gold $10
'67 gold front seat belt retractor $5
'67 turn signal stalk w/knob $1
'66-9 110 engine lid emblem $1
LM front turn signal housing retainer (2) $1 _
'67 R.C. mirror, head w/nut and ring, no gasket or bracket $25
'69 R.C. mirror, head w/bracket, no gasket or trim plate $25
‘66-9 Monza wheel cover insert, worn $1

Strictly non-Corvair parts:
Hose removing pliers, never used $1
Chevy bowtie chrome exhause tip, 2-1/2" dia. NERW $20
Electronic ignition engine module, custom built, never used $10
Battery shutoff, boIt—on or post style $2
‘75 Chevy engine compartment wiring kit, all lines, factory NEW $35
Seat hinge cover, non-Corvair, Astro style, left or right, black $1

ask about VINTAGE TUPPERWARE, used but not abused, at vintage prices
and NEW beautiful suede leather credit card wallets in various colors.